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I should update more often,23rd June 2008
Jimny14but often I have nothing to update with. Today, however, I bring you a new Jimny. Rejoice!

Not funny25th February 2007
MidnaAlthough it's debatable as to whether that's a change.
Anyway, it doesn't sit in the Gallery very well, so I'll post it here instead. Have a picture I recreated from a screenshot of
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
Click the picture for a bigger version.

Oh Em Gee.7th November 2006
Internet Argument Generator
It seems that the Internet Argument Generator has become rather popular of late. Being made as a distraction from a particularly amusing argument on the 5punk forums I never expected anyone to bother looking at it again.
So, a warm Hello to all who find it either amusing or a bit too real. I'm looking at you, Joystiq.

The b3ta Book24th October 2006
Sick BookThe Bumper b3ta Book of Sick Jokes is available now!
It's jam packed with jokes you can't really tell anyone. It's also wonderfully illustrated by talented b3ta members... and me!
So get yours now before there's none left.

Jimny gets sectioned6th October 2006
Jimny I've finally got around to giving Jimny his own feature.
Marvel at his misfortune!