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NEWS!13th May 2005
Well, lots of things have been happening. I recently built myself a new computer, so there'll be no more Flashy stuff 'til I get myself sorted.
The success of Turkey has surprised me a little, but the visitors numbers seem to have settled down a bit now, so I can probably get on with the planned redesign- yes, another one.
Also: The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy movie is quite good. It has its faults, and its moments of genius too. Some people are crying because it's different. Ignore them.

Rollerskating Tortoises7th April 2005
TortoiseIt's not often I do any "proper" artwork, but yesterday I decided to have a go. It features a rollerskating tortoise, and was produced in Photoshop from a sketch. I'm rather pleased with it.

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Turkey!6th April 2005
TurkeyI got bored and made this.

Aceness1st April 2005
...is pretty much the only word required to describe Darwinia. If you wanted to go futher you could add 'Buggy', but it would only be an after-thought, and therefore doesn't count.

Buy it now, I say, and save the little green Darwinians from a fate worse than corruption!

Things27th March 2005
Well, today is my birthday. I have been greeted by my provisional drivers licence and a gigabyte of transfer in a day, thanks to Squow's apparent revival.

I feel now would be a good time to plug the

Squow T-Shirt, don't you?