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Fans of comedy: unite!6th January 2005
The fantastic Mighty Boosh needs to be ejected it to the world in disc form.

Help the world: Sign the release papers.


Update: The DVD has been confirmed. Rejoice!

Seasonal Greetings25th December 2004
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, you shower of bastards.


Open for business26th November 2004
Hurrah! Come along and get yourself a fantabulous T-shirt!

The Shop Is Open!

Christmassy Wallpaperness22nd November 2004
Two new desktops are availble in the Wallpapers section. Scrooges need not investigate. A bit early I know, but they were made for t-shirtness in the forth-coming shop...

Oh, and a couple of new images in the Gallery.

Now bugger off and enjoy the snow.

New Images27th October 2004
I've finally got around to updating the image index, so there's a couple of new treats in there for you, including my current personal favourite- Cat Troops!