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Geominals: Oddly Shaped Animals Explained6th October 2004
Enjoy the delights of Part One..

...an oddly shaped cow.

New Wallpaper30th September 2004

I've recently had cause to remake the Ninja Meerkat in Wiiiddeesscrreeeeen. So here it is, in lovely Wallpaper form.

Radio Four? Yes, actually.22nd September 2004
The newly recorded third series of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy has started- every Tuesday at 6:30pm on BBC Radio Four.
It's excellent, if you must know.
If you've missed an episode, they'll be online here:
It's quality stuff.

Look! It's all shiny and new...12th September 2004
You can just smell the tears, can't you?

It's not really finished yet, I've got some extra tasty new things coming very soon. In fact, why not point yourself to Osmus in the Image Gallery? He, and his fez, will be featuring in a new animation shortly.

Now don't go eating my bandwidth up again, you leechers. You know who you are.

Public Service Announcement19th July 2004
StringYou may not know it, but we're all in danger from string.
Find out why in the aptly named..